Quality Control

Quality Control Compliance & Regulatory

Total Quality Management Review Criteria

  • All Reports Verified for:
      Identification of Errors
      Typing In-accuracies

  • All Results Reviewed by Project Manager

  • All Results Backed-up With Written Confirmation

  • 100% of Completed Reports Checked & Reviewed

  • Regular Audit

  • Required Pre-Background Documents
      Authorization & Consent (Mandatory)
      Candidate Information Sheet
      Summary of Rights (US only)

  • Adverse Action Requirements - (US)
      Copy of Background Report
      Pre Adverse Action Letter
      Re-investigation (At No Cost)
      Adverse Action Letter

  • Global Compliance & Regulatory Checks including OFAssC, SDN, PEP, KYC & AML

  • Required Forms and Training Provided by Our Experienced Team