Employment Screening : The Supersoft Advantage

  Increase Productivity
Employment screening helps decrease employee turnover. It promotes a drug free workplace by excluding candidates with serious offenses and consequently, leads to more efficient and productive workforce.

  Decrease Liability
Developing and implementing good screening policies shows that the employer has exercised due diligence in the hiring process, helping to avoid negligent-hiring lawsuits

  Reduce Workplace Violence
Your employees want to feel safe on the job. Employee background checks and other screening tools can help weed out applicants with violent past, decreasing the threat of violent incidents in the workplace

  Combat Fraud and Theft
One in seven screened applicants reportedly has a criminal record. Screening prevents resume fraud by verifying the applicant's previous education and employment. Additionally, screening can identify prospective employees with a history of theft or embezzlement and eliminate them from the hiring process.

  Reduce Turnover
With a thorough screening program, you can hire the right applicant from the start.

  Hire Honest Employees
One in four job applicants reportedly falsify education records or credentials

  Pre-emptive Solutions to Problems
You can protect your firm from financial and legal problems with Supersoft employment screening solutions.