Risk Management

  Vendor Auditing
Selection, evaluation and monitoring of vendor performance is a critical aspect of a good quality vendor program. In order to ensure this Supersoft Vendor Auditors can certify vendors for minimizing your risks.

The purpose of the vendor audit is for the purchaser to check if:

  1. The vendor has a quality system and is following the quality system

  2. If the quality system is adequate for the purchaser's quality standards

  Due Diligence
With Supersoft Due Diligence program - you bring the necessary confidence needed in your partners and vendors. Choosing a wrong partner may prove to be a financial disaster for any company.

Our due diligence services includes a comprehensive analysis of the firm, its founders and the stakeholders. The research is carried out through expert public domain searches, using proprietary databases and private investigative efforts where required. We can also carry out financial assessment and past performance diligence at the client's request.

  Additional risk management services offered by Supersoft

  • International Screening Services

  • Investigative Services

  • Business Process Outsourcing

Supersoft Consultants are a team of highly versatile people dedicated to assessing and minimizing the risks faced by businesses today. From political risk to market risk management, risks from competitive exposures to that faced by trade and economic pressures. Supersoft consultants can provide the guidance necessary to protect your business.

Please contact us to learn how Supersoft can help minimize your risk exposure in today's rapidly evolving global environment.