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Introducing the next generation digital platform for conducting fast, accurate and realtime background verifications

Robust data intelligence with custom metrics providing unique insights
Real time tracking and on-demand verifications
Enhanced security with greater speed and accuracy
Save time, money & resources with free API for client's online system integration
Launching new background verification products for managing risk actively
Customizable service offerings
Official background check process
Directly from the source

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why screen?

    1. Helps reduce risk of a bad hire
    2. Ensures workplace safety
    3. Act as deterrent for applicant with fraudulent tasks to apply

  • Why Supersoft?

    Supersoft is rated as one of the top screening service providers across clients in terms of compliance and turnaround time
    Time and Money Save with Supersoft custom solutions to meet your specific requirement
    Accuracy Supersoft screens all its information sources thoroughly so you don’t have to investigate the credentials of multiple sources. Results are you, receive top quality searches in straight from the “source”
    Speed and Convenience With a single point of contact and a dedicated team of researchers, you are guaranteed outstanding personalized service
    Peace Of Mind Supersoft employs industry best practices, highest level of compliance and consistent levels of service Read Less
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  • Why Smart screen?

    1. State of art Digital platform
    2. Save time money and resources
    3. Provide unique insights on screeing program

  • What does it cost?

    Supersoft offers variety of cost-effective pricing options that can be tailored to meet any organization's needs and offer special volume pricing for clients who are actively hiring
    There are no set-up fees or subscription charges to utilize our screening services. In fact, we are confident in the quality of Supersoft’s screening services and do not require term-length contracts from our clients
    Please get in touch at to allow us to design a custom solution for your needs. Supersoft representative will be your single point of contact to assist you in determining the most suitable set of services for your requirement at most competitive price Read Less
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Facts and Figures

Standard background verification typically includes identity and address verification, highest education verification, employement verification, previous employement verification, criminal background check and global database search
15% - 20% applicants reportedly falsify their credentials
Most descripancies are found in employement details followed by education records
Criminal background check is incresingly becoming standard background process
30% of businesses fail as a result of internal fraud


About Us

Over 18 lakh background verifications completed and counting ...

Supersoft is rated as one of the top screening service provider across clients in terms of compliance and have the fastest turnaround time.

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 Some pleasing moments for us!

  • Mahindra-Satyam Limited Human Resources

    For over 3 years, we have observed highest quality standards & commitment to SLAs. Also, Supersoft has delivered services with quickest turnaround time and with outmost accuracy & integrity. They have deservedly been our "partners in progress" and we wish them good luck & great success in the years ahead.

  • ICICI Bank Limited Human Resources

    Reliability, agility and trust are the forewords which comes to our mind while dealing with Supersoft, they have been adaptive, innovative and revolutionary in their approach and processes.

  • Vodafone India Services Pvt. Ltd. Human Resources

    These 2 years of association with Supersoft has been a wonderful experience, be it dealing with staff, closure of cases in timely manner or any adhoc request. The staff is very responsive and co-operative.

  • AXA Technology Human Resources

    We are pleased with the services of Supersoft. The verification are done in time. The reports that they generate are easy to understand, and the information provided is exactly what our company has requested and needs. Their customer service department is courteous, dependable and focused and the response time is commendable.

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